Monday, July 28, 2014

Flora Shopping Sunday

Someone once told me before that when you have a flower, you want to put in a vase to put it on your desk. So you will clear off the area around it to make it look as pleasant as the flower. Which I'm totally doing now!

If I put my flowers together in my pile of mess, where's the beauty?

The only place I know in Singapore that sells "cheaper" wholesale flowers would be Far East Florist @ Thomson. Got myself some really expensive peonies, because what's left there is quite limited. I went a tad too late about 5pm ish? Usually the good ones are taken up by then.

They bloom really fast in Singapore's weather. Will show you guys another post when they are all fully opened up!

On the side note, I've been really caught up in packing up 100 verses, preparing to mail them out. Can't wait! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Phuket Trip 2014

Compiled the video in the HTC One phone, it makes life so much easier to do videos! Only thing I'm not quite sure would be extending the length of the video. I shall slowly explore my way there.

It has been quite awhile since we traveled, the last trip was New Zealand that's like 6 months ago! At least I get to have a mini trip before Baby Kel comes out and joins the family.

And we had someone waiting for us at the airport! :) Look at Happy Pete's face!

Attempt to take welfies with selfie stick.. =D

And this is the lovely place that we hibernated for 3 days.

The pool that we swim everyday, soaking in while looking at the sea view..

The hotel next door, I like mine, its much nicer.

We took a walk down to the beach and found these!

Most of the time we are just slacking...

Thank God for this trip to have a little getaway from work and just relax, draw, eat, swim. Can't wait to go on a trip again!

10 Instagram accounts to follow

I have been neglecting this space again. Well the only excuse I can give this time is "no time" again. Well what's new. Well, this space is supposed to inspire myself to create more things, to do more things with design. So I want to share with you some of the Instagram accounts that I've following and stalking lately. Good things are meant to share:

#1: @ardaisy_
For Singaporeans who love cafe hopping, she will bring you to places through her photos.

#2: @mrpaddingtonbear
Food styling to the next level of beauty, I really love how she arranges the items in the photos.

#3: @silverspies
Breakfast in bed, she always post really healthy breakfast and her signature socks on the bed shot.

#4: @nectarandstone
Beautiful coloured chocolates in many different shapes, because it's someone's birthday somewhere out there today, so we should eat more cakes!

#5: @angeliaprsc
Contrast of black and white items

#6: @studiodiy
When you need a pop of colours while scrolling through your instagram, you should follow Kelly and her super poppy and fun DIYs.

#7: @alebesso
Muted tones of white and black, some photos of how she takes things slow.

#8: @kelli_murray
A very artistic mother, who not only has the talent to draw and design and have the looks and fashion. 

#9: @brigadeirochoc
Master of macaroons styling and to the fashion items you must get this season!

#10: @mija_mijia
If you are into torn jeans, white tops, stripe tops and black/white/grey anything. This is the lady!

Also don't forget to drop by my instagram (@spoiltbytes) to say hi!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Soccer Shoot - Behind the scenes

Since this is the world cup season... we did 3 60secs TVCs for the in between matches:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

These couple of months had been back to back shoots for me, one of the bigger ones is this soccer shoot. We had to come at 7am and some even earlier to do the set up. 

The sky is really on our side that day, it was sooooo hot! At least there's no rain!!!

Thank God for an opportunity like this!

All the photos were captured by my HTC one phone and not edited.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

To do list in 2014

A few weeks ago, it just hit me that what do I want to do in life, I can't tell what's going to happen in the future. At least I know there's certain things I would want to do this year before I'm 27. I was hoping that I could carry this through and add on the items as my age increases...

So this year I'm 26, hence 26 things I would want to do by my next birthday. There's some I've completed but I just want to put a complete list, so by next year April 2015 I can review my accomplishment with joy or be sad that I didn't put in effort. My items are mostly design-based, I just want to improve on my skill set, there's always so many things to learn about design!!!

1. Launch a project on Kickstarter
2. Publish a book
3. Create a font type
4. Learn a new skill, writing with a calligraphy nib pen
5. Sponsor a kid
6. Paint a painting of at least an A1 size
7. Volunteer my time for a social cause
8. Make an app that helps people
9. Learn how to do letterpress
10. Execute an idea that helps the environment
11.  Learn how to make paper flowers
12. Do a colouring book
13. Paint/Draw on a wall
14. Design a verse
15. Learn how to drive manual
16. Re-read the whole bible by Apr 2015
17. Travel to somewhere new
18. Learn how to do calligraphy
19. Learn how to do printscreen
20. Do a mini film
21. Sit on a hot air balloon in Cappadocia
22. Do a flower photography series
23. Do a food type series
24. Do a series of handlettering and photography set
25. Make my own scarf
26. Update my portfolio by Apr 2015
And back to chilling~

Monday, June 2, 2014


Not me but one of my favourite human being is pregnant!!! YES!!! A few more MONTHS TILL I CAN TERRORIZE HER KID.