Saturday, September 20, 2014


It's been awhile since I do a fashion shoot, had fun today! There's a few shots I really like, I will show you when its ready!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bangkok Trip 2014 (4 days 3 nights)

I've always been going to Bangkok every year. The food there is cheap and good. Sometimes I manage to get a really good deal for plane ticket there. This time round, I paid SGD178 (max. I would pay for air ticket for budget is $280) for the plane ticket from Tiger Airways.

So I decided to do an itinerary of the places to explore, since I know which places to go... This time round it's not really a shopping trip, more of a food and massage trip. We just breezed through all the shopping places.

And we stayed at Shangri La Bangkok, le husband decided we should stay at a nice and pleasant place. We got the river view suite on the 12th floor. One thing good about this suite privileges is that they have a special lounge on the 24th floor for the guests. 

So from 6am - 10am, they serve breakfast which you don't really have to fight with people downstairs at the ground floor for food. It's peaceful and has a really good view for you to enjoy your breakfast.

Not just that they have tea time snacks and then cocktail from 5pm-7pm where you get to have free alcoholic drinks. The view at night from the lounge is quite nice, with all the city lights and boat lights.

You can really pretty much spend the whole time in the hotel without going hungry. We told them that we are celebrating our anniversary here. They gave us chocolates, fruits and rose petals on our bed.

I did up a video of the river view suite, if you are thinking of going. 

(Airport to Shangri La Hotel to Platinum Fashion Mall)

So on the first day we took a cab from the airport to the hotel, paid the taxi driver about 500baht on top of the 75baht for toll + 50baht for airport service. It's quite alot but we decided not to just let it go, since the old man is really nice to us and the husband have a soft spot for old people. When he heard that we are chinese, he played his Teresa Teng CD for us. Super cute, from the video that you saw we were like singing in the cab ride to the hotel.

By the time we got out of the hotel, the timing is like not here or there at about 5pm, we took a cab to Platinum Fashion Mall to have dinner and also shop around a little. Didn't buy anything, but the husband got 3 shirts for SGD 10 each. 

The only thing I like from the Platinum Fashion Mall Food court is the apple ice blended, I must have it when I'm there. 

Other than that they have other thai food there without you having to sit by the dirty roadside to try. We also tried some small shop massage place near the hotel to end the night.

DAY 2 (Shangri La Hotel to Chatuchak to Siam Center to Siam Paragon to Asia Herb Association)

The next day we took the BTS from Saphan Taksin to Siam and change to Mo Chit (the train station for Chatuchak)

Bought some stuff from the first few stalls we see there... I thought it was going to rain as the weather forecast says it's going to be rainy in BKK during August. But so far through my days there, super blessed haven't got caught in any rain.

It's really hot when we were there. 

And we got this from that stall I showed you earlier on.

After Chatuchak we took the train back to Siam for lunch at the Greyhound. Surprisingly there isn't any queue when we got there about 2pm? Because we were so full from breakfast, Singaporean style cannot lose out in buffet must keep eating until really cannot eat anymore. So we only order 2 of my favorite dish: Complicated Noodles (160baht) which my husband is a convert now, his life can never be normal anymore after trying the complicated noodles and Greyhound Famous Chicken Wings (130baht).

If you are wondering how complicated does this noodle looks:

How to eat complicated noodles:
1. Take the lettuce, place it on your hand.
2. Pick up a piece or 2 noodle, put it on top of your lettuce.
3. Scoop some meat from the brown looking dish in the photo.
4. Top it up with some special green sauce which taste damn good,
5. Roll it up. EAT. Repeat.

Greyhound Famous Chicken Wings
The only chicken wings the husband doesn't have to peel for me, other than tasting really good.

After lunch, we walked around Siam Center and Siam Paragon. Went to queue up at for some After You Desert Cafe (Siam Paragon Ground Floor) for some giant lava cake.

But it's not that giant. We queued for 30mins and waited about 15mins for this. And finished it in 5-10mins. 

And we went to have dinner, and because we were so full, we went for my favourite dishes again just to try. But their mango salad was sold out at Som Tam Nua Restaurant. We just had the spicy soup instead.

After that we went to Asia Herb Association for our 4hr 30mins massage and we ended at about 11pm. AND ITS REALLY GOOD ONE OF THE BEST IN BKK, FROM THE ONES I TRIED. The massage place closes at 2am. But do make a reservation before you go.

DAY 3 (Shangri La Hotel to Vanilla Cafe to Yunomori Onsen & Spa to Shangri La Hotel to Asiatique The Riverfront)

So after breakfast we went to Vanilla Cafe to eat again.

We just had soup and pasta and just chill around for abit before deciding what to do next. And since we don't have much things to do, we decided to try Yunomori Onsen & Spa. Worst decision ever, so I took out the stuff out of my itinerary.

Well the only thing I enjoy is wearing the kimono and taking a welfie. But that's about it. The onsen (450baht) experience is just bleh... the massage I took was the foot one, and the lady who was doing my massage, doesn't seem to know what's she's doing, plus she didn't really cut her nails, so half the time her nails are like jabbing into my skin. After 10 mins through the massage, which was supposed to be a 2 hour massage (500baht). I told her I wanted to stop at 1hr, and I was suffering for the 50mins. =.= with her trying to jab me more with her nails and her weird massages.

Totally regretted it.

If you are staying at the Shangri La, they provide complimentary shuttle boat service to Asiatique The Riverfront.

DAY 4 ( Shangri La Hotel to Airport)

Well on the last day, I didn't plan much as our flight is at 2pm so we can't really go too far out into the city in case there's a jam. So we went to the nearest MK to have our favorite green noodles! Then head out to the airport from the hotel. The cab ride is about 350 baht, way cheaper than the ride there.

That's about my trip in Bangkok, it's by far my first trip without buying anything from there.

And this is the itinerary that I made.

You can download the PDF of my itinerary here.

Overview of my trip:

Thanks for reading! Hope this post helped you plan your trip a little better.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Been reading here and there, thought would be a good reminder for me note them here and share it with you guys.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Feels like I did a lot of things on Saturday...
  • Went to meet Alex and Jason for Wanton Mee
  • Had nice desserts at Wimbly Lu Cafe
  • Went fishing with le husband and his Kakis, I ended up videoing everything that's in that area.

Here's the fishing part, and the hunting of crabs... and a tiny fish that Edmund caught.
All shot by the trusty HTC One. =D