Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Nice places to visit in Shanghai (9 days 8 nights)

I just came back from Shanghai and thank God for creative friends who recommended nice places to visit! Especially Follen & Sally who has been such good hosts. And Ellis who flew down from Beijing to meet me for 2 days.

Must have apps in your phone
Would recommend you to download wechat , Dianping and astrill(VPN - register before you board that plane) before you head to China. These 3 apps are my main source of guidance during my whole trip. Use bing if you need to google.

I stayed at The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi and I wrote my review about the place. Long story short, this hotel’s connection allows you to go onto FB / Instagram / Google without having to log onto the VPN and has fancy toilet.

Or you can read more on my post for more photos of the hotel.

I didn’t stayed at PuLi but I would love to try the next time round if I ever go there again.

Art Galleries & Exhibitions
I went to a couple of places this trip, I must say they have inspired me quite abit, and I starting work on the next project now hoping to share with you guys soon.

1. M50 Art District Shanghai
Address: No.50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai 200000, China

This was the first place that I have gone for the start of the art galleries. They have a lot of the little art galleries all around. You can spend quite a few hours there exploring, we spend about an hour plus there because we had to go somewhere else to meet another friend but here's what we were doing during our time there. There’s also a cafe in there which is very nice, I listed the location below under food and cafe section.

Blog post with more photos of the place in here.

2. Power Station of Art
Address: Lane 20, Huayuangang Lu, Near Miaojiang Lu, Huangpu district, Shanghai, China

This place is super out of the way, but it is really huge. I happened to be there during their architecture exhibition by Renzo Piano, very impressive giving the space they have. They have other mixed canvas artworks.

3. K11 Art Mall
Address: 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu, Huangpu district

This building is really tall, hard to miss. I took about 5 mins looking for it because I was standing next to it and I couldn’t find the name of the building. They have a gallery at B2 but you will need to pay 50 RMB to get in. I didn’t go in because I’m such a cheapo.

4. Van Gogh Alive (April 28 - August 30)
Address: "Art Castle", Taiping Lake in Xintiandi
For this exhibition, it was totally God sent! As I mentioned previously, I’m too cheapo to pay for ticket. This random guy came up to me while I was looking for K11, he passed me the ticket for this exhibition and told me he didn’t have time to go for it. And if I could go in his place, I was confused at the moment, I just nod my head and said thanks. I had to drop Sally a message to help me find the location of this place. It’s about 10 mins walk from K11 towards the lake.

5. Rockbund Art Museum
Address: No.20 Huqiu Road, Shanghai, China

I really like the overall feel of this place, so white.

6. 1933 Old Millfun
Address: No.10 Shajing Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200000, China

This place is really one out of the place building. Only in the european countries, I see buildings like that, not in asia.

Cafes / Food

1. Undefine at M50 Art District Shanghai
Address: No.50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai 200000, China // 莫干山路50号6号楼105室

One of my favourite cafe in Shanghai that I can spend hours in here taking photos. They have a drink that is not on the menu which is the coffee beer, taste quite nice.

2. Aroom
Address: 徐汇区 泰安路120弄卫乐园15号(近华山路)

A very vintage looking place, it has a taobao store too if you like to purchase the items. While I was here, I had matcha latte and banana cinnamon cake which tasted quite good. I had a bit of random entertainment from the girls sitting near me talking about how the guy cheated on them and thinking about breaking up.

3. Farine Bakery
Address: No.378 Wu Kang Road, Shanghai, China

This place is supposedly famous for their cream puff, but I came too late for it. I had the chocolate fudge cake which taste as good.

4. Rockbund Art Museum Cafe
Address: No.20 Huqiu Road Level 5, Shanghai, China

Well this place is a good place to just chill with a 10rmb tea.

5. The Commune Social
Address: 511 Jiangning Road, Shanghai, China

Tapas food, would recommend you to come with a bunch of friends so you can get to try the different dishes.

6. Green & Safe
Address: 6 Dongping Lu | by Hengshan Lu, Shanghai 200062, China

One of the places that actually speaks english! They serve brunches like eggs benedict etc.

7. 齐民市集(上海芮欧店)
Address: 上海市静安区南京西路1601号芮欧百货4楼B区(常德路)

Super healthy hot pot! They serve organic vegetables and other healthy food to go into your hot pot.

8. 麒麟猫咪主题餐厅咖啡馆
Address: 杨宅路293号

This cafe has the prettiest cats among all but they don't have a lot of them.

9. CC喵屋
Address: 愚园路300号申乐大厦22楼2201室

This cafe specializes mostly in persian cats, they have about 40 cats and they are FAT. I would say this place is not exactly the cleanest, maybe due to the amount of cats they have.

10. CatChat猫聊咖啡生活馆
Address: 徐家汇路518号天天花园福苑楼19楼A座南京银行

This cafe’s cats looked like stray cats. Nothing fancy and don’t order their carbonara.

11. 捞王锅物料理(肇嘉浜路店)
Address: 肇嘉浜路268号2楼

I really like their soup base. We celebrated Follen’s birthday here and remember to reserve before you go. I waited about 1.5hr for a seat. They don’t take reservations on public holidays.

12. Amokka Café
Address: 西式简餐,安福路201号

Lazy afternoon chilling session, they don’t have a toilet in here, you got to go to next door at no. 195 upstairs lvl 3.

13. Kota's Kitchen (Beatles Yakitori Kunsei Bar)
Address: 2905 Xietu Lu, near Lingling Lu

They have quite a lot of experimental japanese dishes here!

(photo credits to @thequixoticme who took the photo while sitting in the cold waiting for me)

14. Sir Elly's Terrace
Address: No. 32 The Bund Level 14, 32 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, Shanghai 200002

Go for the view at night, can sit at the rooftop bar.

15. 小小南国
Address: 南京西路1618号久光百货9楼

The food here seems a little salty but still taste not too bad!

Shopping Area
I’m not really the shopping sort, but here’s some places that I have been, which have pretty decent stuff.

1. 田子坊
Address: 泰康路274-210

They have quite decent sunglasses shop in there, and other random unique shops that sells tea, bottles, shirts and coffee. You can spend ½ a day here walking and chilling at their cafes.

2. The Whole Stretch of HuaiHai Road
To walk from the top to the end would take about 45mins to an hour.

3. FEIYUE飞跃鞋专卖店
Address: 安福路250弄1号

It’s a tiny shop that you might missed it, every purchase of 10 pairs of shoes you get one free.

Well, this section is totally random. I was hunting for peonies for my BFF to make her day. So I went over 5 florists to find her peonies. And only one of them had! Some of them were not so fantastic, but these are the decent nice ones that I went to.

1. 花漾心情

This is the one I bought the pretty bouquet from. Got the florist to custom it with silver leaves and craft paper.

1. Annie's Florist

3. 森之坊鲜花店
Address: 复兴中路496号花园洋房左栋一楼

4. 大象花兿
Address: 马当路317号

Taxi is cheap and scary at the same time if you see how they drive, public transport like trains can get you to places with just 4rmb if you don’t mind having some squeezing war. It can be quite fun.

That's all for the Shanghai! Enjoy your trip if you are going there!


Here's the PDF for printing if you want to use visit these places when you are there.

M50 Art District Shanghai

My very first Shanghai art gallery experience and this place didn’t fail me. Very impressed by the no. of art galleries in here! I could spend a lot more time here if I haven’t had an appointment with another friend. So much to see and be inspired. Wish Singapore could have an area like that.

This one of my favorite galleries that I have been.

Very entertaining compared to just random abstract art. You can interact with the art.

Every where we go, it's like a photo worthy place.

And around the area there's small little shops.

Address: No.50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai 200000, China

Thanks Follen for bringing me here! 

The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi

The husband picked this hotel because it's one of the top few on Tripadvisor. And I was very impressed by their toilet! And we haven't tried this hotel chain before, the husband decided to surprise me with this! We manage to check in at 9am and check out at 2pm, quite rare! And the lady at the counter called Jenny is very helpful to our requests.

Their toilet is separated into 3 sections:
1. Bathing area which has the tub (has a little head rest), shower and rain shower
2. Toilet area which is auto warming toilet bowl was the star for this room, it opens the lid when it senses you area the toilet bowl. They have the usual washing you front and rear and drying. 
3. Vanity area which has 2 basins, one thing that I think they can improve would be having lights on their magnifying mirror.

For some strange reason, all the pillows are damn soft.

The view is pretty good as well, the Xintiandi area is just right in front of the hotel.

Good amount of sunlight coming into the room :)

And their breakfast buffet comes with desserts. PLUS POINTS :)

This hotel’s connection allows you to go onto FB / Instagram / Google without having to log onto the VPN, very much needed in Shanghai.

Hotel Address: No.99 Madang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200021, China (Xintiandi)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

30 Free Mobile Wallpapers for March

I’ve collaborated with a couple of designers for this project called Seeding Thoughts. We just want to bless everyone with free downloads for mobile wallpaper. Each designed quote will have the designer's name at the bottom of the quote. High-res printable A4 available for download at $2.99. All proceeds from the prints go to pencilsofpromise.org to build a school and we are aiming for USD 25000 to make this happen.

So if you really love the wallpapers, and would love to print them out. Frame them! Decorate your house with all these designed quotes.

So here are the 30 mobile wallpapers for a better March.

Let the work do the talking!

#1 Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of Brave Knights and Heroic Courage - C.S. Lewis
Artwork by @bysarahkim Download here

#2 Follow your bliss
Artwork by @beckandlola Download here
#3 Great things never come from comfort zones
Artwork by @beckandlola Download here

#4 Love is the new black
Artwork by @beckandlola Download here

#5 Soli deo gloria
Artwork by @mrsterrid Download here

#6 Bloom where you are planted
Artwork by @inksandletters Download here

#7 Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
Artwork by @inksandletters Download here

#8 Know this: You can start over each morning - Tyler Joseph
Artwork by @mandiekuo Download here

Don't quit suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion - Muhammad Ali
Artwork by @mandiekuo

Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light. - Helen Keller
Artwork by @mandiekuo

Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud - Maya Angelou
Artwork by @mandiekuo

You must be prepared to work always without applause. - Ernest Hemingway
Artwork by @mandiekuo

Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place.
Artwork by @spoiltbytes

Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see. - C.S. Lewis
Artwork by @spoiltbytes

You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having. ― Frank Lloyd Wright
Artwork by @spoiltbytes

By sharing things that are close to you, you will connect to other people who feel alone in the world.
Artwork by @tarawrites

Have a bigger heart so you could have room for others.
Artwork by @tarawrites

You don't have to be cool, you just have to be yourself.
Artwork by @tarawrites

Be your own kind of beautiful.
Artwork by @janeeyfoo

Live for a cause not for applause.
Artwork by @janeeyfoo

Do what you love, love what you do.
Artwork by @janeeyfoo

Constantly feed yourself with joy.
Artwork by @janeeyfoo

Good things happen to good people.
Artwork by @jolandabarbier

Your grace is sufficient for me.
Artwork by @spoiltbytes

Dreams ignite creativity
Artwork by @spoiltbytes

Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey.
Artwork by @spoiltbytes

God is love
Artwork by @spoiltbytes

Download here

Blessed to bless
Artwork by @spoiltbytes

Download here

To live is Christ
Artwork by @spoiltbytes

Download here

And if you were to ask me after all we've been through, still believe in magic, yes I do.
Artwork by @spoiltbytes

Download here

And you can download them here:

HAVE AN AWESOME MARCH! Also, leave a comment of the quote you would like to see in the coming months :)