Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hot Air Balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey

This is like a dream come true, getting ready to go on to the hot air balloon. Can't believed I actually check this off my list! Since we flew all the way from Singapore to come here to take this, we got the Exclusive Deluxe Flight Program (250 Euro) from They have really experienced pilots to fly the balloons. I had to wake up at 5am for them to pick me up and drove me to the location. We had breakfast at the waiting area, they have quite a bunch of stuff to eat.

They also gave us an instruction card to read.

The flight take place at dawn; have an average flight time of 1.5 – 2 hours and a capacity of approximately 14 people per balloon. It's quite cold in the area where they dropped us at with our balloon. The only warmth part would be when they launched the fire.

We finally got to get into the basket.
Tip: be the last to get in so your view can cover the whole area from left to right.

Going up with the other balloons, its so beautiful, magical so surreal that I can't believe its actually happening!

Everyone getting ready to fly.

We flew over this balloon who is trying to get up.

The pilot will guide you through the valleys of Cappadocia in their balloons. During which time he can drift down through the canyons and float high above the topography to view the extraordinary landscape.

Most amazing part is that you also get to the see the sunrise.

We went up really high up. And happen to capture this shot of the top view of another balloon. :)

The pilot is super pro, he has such precise control of the balloon that we can brush through the treetops and explore some of the areas hidden treasures.

This is the colour of my balloon.

I had to sort out the 259 photos of hot air balloons to pick out for this post. And this is one of my favourite shot, try spotting the moon. Most of the time we are just floating around depending on the wind direction.

And time is up, we landed on the back of the vehicle, SUPER PRO LANDING!

After the landing, the crew decorated the basket with flowers. We celebrate with a sparkling Champagne Cocktail.

Cheers guys!

Before the drinks, I received a personalized flight certificate and postcards as a memento of my balloon adventure.

No regrets! Best decision ever.

Monday, December 15, 2014

[DIY] Written Gift Wrapper

Since Christmas is coming and it's time to get innovative on what's the best way to wrap your present and yet look awesome at the same time.

What you need for this DIY would be
  • white paper A4, depending on the size of your gift
  • a brush pen (black), I'm using the pentel brush pen here
  • string in natural col 
  • gift, in this case I have my 100 verses since it comes in a wooden box and it's easier to pack
  • scotch tape (I'm using the matte magic tape)
  • scissors

First select what you would want to write. I will just go with a generic one "Merry Christmas". Start writing till you covered almost all the paper.
  1. When you are done, dry the paper. After you make sure the ink wont smudge, you may now start to wrap your gift.
  2. Tape down all the sides. Make sure there isn't any holes. 
  3. Lastly, just tie it with the string.
  4. And you are done!
It's quite simple takes about 5 mins to do this and you get your custom wrapping paper! It could be "Happy Birthday" or "Thank you" your friend's name. 

And for those who thinks their handwriting can't make it, don't worry, I do a scanned piece of one of the writings I did you can print it out. Download here
Try it! And one lucky person is going to get this set of 100 verses wrapped and mailed to him/her when they order it!

Have fun wrapping all your Christmas gifts!

Monday, December 8, 2014

[DIY] Spoiltbytes Garden

Super inspired after Kyeli gave me a pot of succulent, I wanted to plant more for my future house which is coming quite soon in a couple of months. So I called the hubby to bring me to the nearby Far East Flora to get some soil. Since I had some 100 Verses boxes, I thought would be good to put some life into it.

Took out all the babies from the tiny pot, and loaded my box with soil.

Once I'm done with the soil, my handy ikea plastic fork came to good use.

I tried to be organised for now...

Spaced them out, although Kyeli mention that I probably need more space for them. I shall re-pot them later.

I moved on to the other bigger pot.

And here's another batch of babies.

And one special guy gets to have the whole box to himself.

Here's the start of my mini garden :)

Its a happy Monday!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

[DIY] Making felt balls

So after seeing so much felt balls on Pinterest, Mel and I decided how hard can it be to make these balls. So we spend an afternoon making 25 balls. I won't say it's super easy but it takes some time.

And I decided to share what I have found online to make the balls into a tutorial:

You will need:
  • Wool (I got 50 colours from Taobao for S$58.19, here's the link)
  • Warm water
  • Soap
  • Towel

And all you need to note is just keep rolling.

At times you will encounter:

Mr Walnut - its depressing I know, move on...

And Mr Anus - Butt cracks every where you just got to keep patching them and roll on.

So here are the outcome of those patching of the butt cracks, if you notice there's some imperfect ones.

And yes we took our balls out so we can take pretty snaps of them!


Friday, November 28, 2014

Ephesus Full Day Tour - The House of Virgin Mary

It's been 28 days since I updated this space. Been wanting to do this post for the longest time!

This Ephesus tour has so much photos, that I need to be so picky to select them for the post. Coming to place it is as though my bible comes alive. Since I've been reading so much about Ephesians. We booked, its a private tour so just my husband and I we paid USD178. It comes with extra pickup charge USD15, lunch is included and a free Ephesus book.

So the first place they took us is to The House of Virgin Mary. They came and pick us up at the hotel. Our tour guide is called Banu, together with her is the driver, I forgot his name but they came in a Mercedes Van which sits up to 12 pax. So it's super empty when it's only my husband and I.

The House of the Virgin Mary with no queues! No photography or speaking is not allowed. There were candles that could be placed in a protected area. There was a holy spring which is said to have healing powers.

Outside the shrine is a particular "wishing wall" which tour guide told us that we can write our wish and tie it to the wall. I'm not so sure how hygienic is this.

If you can spot the strand of hair they use to tie their note. It's a tad gross.

There's nothing much to see around in this place, other than the church and that wishing wall. At least I can said that I've been there.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spoiltbytes' fresh new start

While I was in Turkey, I met this girl called Lynette. And I was just sharing with her about my blog and how it started. When I got back, I thought it's been a while since I did anything to the layout of this blog. I decided to change my header and give it a new look. Something more of my current look of design that I exploring into. I'm starting to appreciate hand writing my types, looking at people's handwriting. Well I just want to note this change so in future if I ever read back my blog posts (I do it quite often to laugh at my english #selfentertainment) I'll know why I change my design.

Have a nice mid week! And there's an important wedding to attend this week! Hope to get some awesome snaps to share it here!